“Jenny’s unique style captivates you from the first note to the last strum. Jenny’s an infinitely talented singer/songwriter who’s fearless, genuine, refreshing, worldly. Jenny Franck has the raw talent of a Jewel, with more passion…the passion of a Liz Phair, but with a better voice. Her voice has the sheer beauty of a Natalie Merchant, but with a much edgier sound; the edge of Alanis Morrisette but without all the man-hating bitterness. I’m sure you’ll agree with my belief that Jenny Franck is going places!” Mike Noonan (96.7 Will Rock, WLLI Radio)

“I have such a deep appreciation for Jenny Franck and her music.  Her songs reach out and touch your very soul.” -Jeffrey A Swanson (President of Dark Star Records)

“Jenny Franck’s new hit song ‘Black Crows’ was a perfect fit for our new feature film (Jezebeth 2 Hour of the Gun).  So we included it in the movie and as part of the motion picture soundtrack. Jenny Franck is a superstar in the making.” -Damien Dante (Director/Producer/Writer/Co-Creator of the vampire western movie franchise Jezebeth.

“It was a pleasure working with Jenny Franck. Her professional approach to promoting a show, as well as her talent and easy going nature is unmatched. I look forward to working with Jenny in the future!” -Patrick Scully (CEO of Lost and Found Talent, Music Promoter)

“Jenny Franck’s sultry voice brings out the deepest of blues in her song ‘Blue’, (featured in ‘Hits the series’).  She carries you away into a fantasy. Jenny has a perfect voice to make you swoon.” -Johnny Perkins (Executive Producer of ‘Hits the series’ with Green Lion Studios)

“Everyone we meet [online] speaks very highly of Jenny. We are happy to get her music played around the world, cause she simply ROOOOOOOCKS” -Ray Viola (The Ray and Joe Radio Show)

“Undoubtedly one of the greatest benefits of being a photographer is the slight chance of meeting an artist such as Jenny Franck. Her undeniable talents as a singer-songwriter are obvious and in very short time the masses will take note.  As her photographer I believe it is my duty to remove the masks that we humans wear in order to reveal our innermost selves. Jenny’s passion for her art, together with her ability to  open her heart to my lens makes photgraphing her effortless. They say you can tell a lot about a persons character by the way they handle the stresses in their life. Well let me tell you that Jenny Franck has strong character. I’m proud to call her a friend and will photograph her as long as I’m allowed. If someone were to ask me which of my photographs of Jenny Franck would be my favorite? I would say “the photograph I’m going to take tomorrow.” -Ed Peterson (Peterson Design)

“Her music is melodic, raw, and passionate, with a twist of grunge.” April McGrath (

“With a pinch of grungy style punk rock delicately interwoven into her indie rock foundations, it is hard not to fall in love with this rocker chick. She not only has a knack for full-bodied guitar melodies, but she also has finesse for writing intricate, captivating lyrics that seem to flow freely with the tune of each song. Her songwriting skill embodies her listeners into her world, showing what Jenny Franck is truly made of.” -Alec Cunningham (ReviewYou) 

“It’s girl grunge! Jenny Franck takes grunge to a whole new polished level. You can hear the influences of the Seattle music-scene in most of the tracks, but Jenny brings something fresh to that genre – and something very listenable. If you are listening to Jenny Franck for the first time, be prepared to be wowed by a great voice and some killer riffs. There’s no little girl voice here, and definitely no screaming vocals. In fact what you’ve got is a mixture of the vocal prowess of Ann Wilson from Heart with the guitars of the grunge era to make it interesting. With her strong voice and the girl grunge sound that is really more than just grunge, Jenny is sure to catch the ear of many listeners.” Andrea Guy (ReviewYou)